whither human mind?

read all sorts of alarming things in the newspapers everyday. today took the cake. people are going to come up with predictive technology, which will liberate people from the onerous burden of thinking and remembering. are we going to walk on fours, after that? why on earth don’t people want to think or remember? its basic brain exercise.
and how is this wonderful technology going to achieve this marvellous feat of thinking for its human? its going to pick up the ‘cyber crumbs’, and then send suitable reminders. its going to access you your mail all by itself, see where you need to be and then send reminders, check out traffic for you and let you know if you need to move early. before long, it will attend your business meeting for you and present its own CV at job interviews.
the only brains that will be working are those of these inventors. these ideas have to be disseminated cautiously, gadgets produced sparingly and disbursed ethically- to maybe disabled people who need to work and so on (Stephen hawking comes to mind). why disable the lazy enabled majority?
lets move our own muscle – the closer we are to nature, the better we are at managing ourselves and responding to the world around us.


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read - pray - love -write - watch films. and a girl's gotta eat,too.
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