just thoughts

no poetry today. i had a muse for the many haikus i have written over the past year.
water has flown, i have changed and only some of them make sense to me now.however, shall keep the mind open to make many more beautiful ones.

am experiencing the benefit of offering ‘metta’ or a feeling of universal and unconditional friendship / love at all times. for those interested, ‘metta’ seems to be the Pali corruption of the Sanskrit word ‘mitrata’ which means friendship.it means far more than buddies or pals. its one of the four attitude-defining Buddhist words; the other three are – ‘mudita'(feeling joy for everyone), ‘upeksha’ ( equanimity), ‘karuna’ ( compassion). i love what they stand for.


About madhuriwonders

read - pray - love -write - watch films. and a girl's gotta eat,too.
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