Being Human

Of condom snorting and paedophilia

There’s an internet video showing teens snorting condoms up their noses and a newspaper calling it ‘remarkably stupid’. I couldn’t agree more. The parents should have used that condom appropriately many teen years ago, rather than watch the product of their unprotected sexual intercourse trying to kill himself (that he is brain dead is a given).

Also brain dead are the legions of substance and people abusers of all sorts. Especially disturbing is the rising cases of child sexual abuse.

Is there a connect? I think so. A deluded mind that refuses to turn to itself for novelty and recreation is not so different from the perverted mind that seeks satisfaction from torturing others. The first is deluded as to what entertainment is and the pervert is clueless about the power that it craves. The bottom line for both is satisfaction- only it is not satisfaction, but a whetting of the appetite for what is inhuman.

There is an urgent need for each of us to address these issues in our immediate vicinity, to the extent we can. Gently, firmly, repeatedly and constantly put good, healthy ideas into people’s heads.

How? Reach out to people and involve them? So a greater number of people are doing their little bits?

Ideas wanted!!


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