Holi in India

Holi is celebrated with colour – a metaphor for immersing oneself in the colour of the Supreme Lord; this is done by the simple process of involving oneself in the myriad colours of life. The day prior to Holi is when oen lights a small bonfire to burn away the demons within us. Now pristine, we wear white the next day and allow the Lord to colour us. Surrender with love, to love –is the message.
I am also attempting the translation ( into a haiku, naturally) of a favorite, Hindi verse which celebrates the divine love of Radha , the devotee and Shree Krishna, who she is devoted to. The clever Radha tells Shree Krishna ( also called Kanha) – I will play Holi with you on the following condition –if I win, I get you. If I lose, I become yours.

Conditions apply
Let’s play the Colors
of Love, oh Kanha; I win
you, else you win me.



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