Yes, Minister?

Primetime news on NDTV. BJP’s Rajiv Pratap Rudy smug, and so happy that UPA is failing or falling! When can we have a mature opposition that will sit by, make their strategies yet behave in a manner that is good for the nation. Rudy was going on and on in vindictive glee.
Rudy’s irresponsible remarks that DMK is doing a great service to this nation by bringing down this government are not only in bad taste, but also reinforce the already strong and dangerous idea that politics has less to do with governance and more to do with power games.
For shame! I hope we wake up, refuse to have untimely polls, see this government through, for better or worse and vote wisely next time.
India needs a bi- party system so the allies can’t hold the governing party to ransom, each and every time.
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One Response to Yes, Minister?

  1. Mangesh.K.Baxi says:

    When cat is away the mice will play. Meaning if centre is weak then regional parties shall be strong. If you look at history the whole thing started with NTR’s TDP in 1983. Mrs.Gandhi was so self-obsessed that she thought that she could get away with any thing. Her descendants too believed in this & this progressively weakened centre, as there were no strong men left at centre (only yes men were left). The state chief nominated by congress were too weak to fight Mulayam Singhs, Mayawatis, Mamatas etc. The centre today has lost it’s appetite & will to govern. Earlier this gang leaves the better it is. We are better off if a wound is cauterised rather than allowed to fester.


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